After getting a free one month subscription to Apple TV+, I’ve finally been able to catch up on some popular TV shows and movies that I wasn’t able to watch before. So for the next little while, you’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of reviews from this streaming service as I try to mash in as much content as I can. On the very top of my list, I knew I had to check out Severance (2022) (review coming soon!) and Ted Lasso, both of which have received resoundingly positive reviews. Although I read a lot of positive buzz online about Ted Lasso when the show initially came out, I admittedly knew nothing heading in, just that people absolutely loved it. Ted Lasso is a sports comedy drama starring Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, and Juno Temple. If you want a quick indicator on how much I enjoyed the show, let’s just say I binged the entire first season in one day (that should tell you a lot).

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

After only finishing the very first episode of the show, I remember thinking to myself, “I guess that was okay, but I’m not really understanding why everyone seems to love this show so much yet…” But that just goes to show that you can never (and should never) judge a book by its cover. Because what I realized shortly after watching one or two more episodes was that I was seriously hooked. The biggest appeal of Ted Lasso for me is the show’s wholesome story that draws you in and makes you feel invested in the characters and their growth. And that’s what this show really is all about – watching these characters grow to become better people and to become a better team.

I’ve always said that a show is as good as its protagonist, and man oh man do I love Ted Lasso. His positivity is absolutely infectious and I love his unfaltering optimism and kindness. I do believe on some level that it’s quite rare to watch a show that focuses solely on good spirit and compassion, and thanks to Sudeikis’ performance, he’s really able to drive it home with this loveable character. But what I love the most about Ted isn’t just that he’s a ray of sunshine, it’s that the character is so relatable and inspirational – we get to witness him experience real struggle and heartbreak, but we also watch him overcome these hurdles. His ability to be so vulnerable and open is what makes him such an endearing character that makes the audience want to root for him.

Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt from Ted Lasso

And the best part of this show is that it’s not just Ted, it’s the entire cast really. Everyone has their positive traits, but the audience can also clearly see the personal challenges they have to overcome to grow as people; it makes each and every character feel special and stand out. The writing for these characters are just so well done that it’s hard for me to say there’s anyone I don’t like. Even Jamie Tartt (played by Dunster), who is a completely self-obsessed narcissist, is given enough backstory and motive where the audience can understand why he acts the way that he does. And what’s even better is that we get a glimpse of the character development that he is surely going to undergo later on in the series. So yes, he’s a jerk, but not for long! (At least from what I’m thinking).

Regarding the show itself, it’s very rare for me to say this but, I love each episode equally too. While I initially struggled to realize the overall vision from the very first episode, as soon as I got hooked, there wasn’t a single moment where I felt disappointed or not entertained. Each episode builds off the last and feels purposeful in developing not only Ted’s story, but also the story of AFC Richmond and the entire team. They manage to give each character enough screen time to shine, and it’s amazing to me the amount of personality they’re able to bring out of everyone, even the lesser known characters. And hey, with a nice and short 30 minute runtime per episode, it’s so quick and easy to enjoy. So if you’re not looking for a show that’s too lengthy, I think you’ll definitely appreciate Ted Lasso.

Roy Kent and Sam from Ted Lasso

For a comedy show, it’s definitely hilarious too. I found myself laughing multiple times as I binged the first season, and it was all genuine laughter. I absolutely love the sort of crassness of British humour and there’s certainly a lot of it in Ted Lasso. I just can’t get over how wholesome and sincere this show is and it’s such a fantastic feel good show to enjoy. I feel nothing but good vibes while watching and I can’t wait to move on to season 2 (season 3 is coming out soon too!). For how much I enjoyed this show, I’m definitely giving Ted Lasso a very high rating of 9.5/10. This is definitely one that I’m going to be recommending to my friends, and absolutely one that I can see myself rewatching in the future. Yes, it’s that good!