Just posting a quick one today to say Happy Halloween everyone! Whether you’re taking your kids out trick or treating, staying at home to watch some scary movies, heading out to a Halloween party with friends, or stuck at home handing out the candy, I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween and a very safe but spooky night πŸ™‚

Since Halloween has unfortunately fallen on a Monday this year, I did all my big celebrating with friends over the weekend on Saturday. And yes, if you’re wondering, it was costume mandatory. I myself decided to go with the very simple DIY costume of a vanilla ice cream cone. Tan pants, a white top with totally realistic construction paper cut out sprinkles taped on, and with a homemade cherry headband to bring it all together, I’d say the vision was definitely there.

To top the night off, we settled on “watching” the sci-fi horror classic, The Thing (1982). I say “watching” because while everyone else actually watched, I pretty much just hid behind two pillows and watched maybe a total of 5% of the film. It was, uh, a little too graphic and gory for me πŸ˜‰ I’m debating on writing a (not so full, 5%) review on the film because despite barely seeing what happened, I followed along with the plot and do have some interesting thoughts that might be fun to share. So look forward for that!

But today on the actual Halloween holiday, I’ll be doing my best to stay festive too. I’ve got a nice night lined up – carving some pumpkins and watching some totally acceptable but not so scary Halloween movies πŸ™‚ (if you’re interested I made a scaredy cat friendly list here!). What will you be doing tonight on this holiday, or did you already celebrate on the weekend like I did? Would love to hear in the comments below how you’ll be celebrating Halloween tonight and hey, any costumes you want to share? And if you’re spending the night watching some movies, I’d love to hear what you’re checking out!