To all my fellow Canadian readers, I just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! As I’ve grown older over the years, I’ve definitely come to have a deeper appreciation for this holiday and an understanding as to why it’s so important to give thanks. Remember, today’s not just a day for stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes (but please do so), it’s also a day to spend with your loved ones, whether its with family or friends.

And while there’s a lot to feel thankful for, if there’s one that I want to share with you all, it’s that I’m thankful to all you readers who take the time to read my writing – it means more to me than you’d imagine. As an aspiring writer and a recent university graduate trying to find her footing in the world, reading all your thoughtful and kind comments truly makes my blogging experience so enjoyable. I only started this blog a couple months ago but it’s already become one of my favourite things to do. So yes, thank you.

But of course this wouldn’t be a review blog if I didn’t leave you with some sort of a recommendation to watch on Thanksgiving. Here’s a fun fact about me, my absolute favourite thing to watch for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas are the Charlie Brown television specials. I watch them without fail every year on each given holiday and it’s sort of become my own personal little tradition. So if you want something cute and quick to watch with your family today that perfectly fits the festive theme, try out A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973).

I hope you all get to enjoy a fantastic feast tonight and get to eat to your heart’s content. Have a lovely day and once again, Happy Thanksgiving Canada! And to all my non-Canadian viewers who happened to stumble across this post and actually read to the end, I hope you have a lovely day regardless as well ๐Ÿ™‚