With Disney’s most recent live-action remake, Pinocchio (2022), proving to be redundant and unnecessary, I wanted to share my thoughts on what I think about their collection of remakes as a whole. Everywhere I look online, Pinocchio (2022) has been receiving the utmost negative reviews. After scouring the internet, I’ve read many comments saying they were disappointed with the movie, that it was uninspired and that it did not do the original justice. If you read my review (you can read it here!), you’ll remember I shared similar thoughts. Now the question is, are we all just being too harsh? Or are these “reimagined classics” just not working?

Winnie the Pooh thinking gif

In my personal opinion, no, they’re not working. While not all of the live-action remakes are as disappointingly bad as Pinocchio (2022), there’s always something about them that doesn’t quite work for me. I think my main gripe is that I don’t see a reason why these movies need to be remade in the first place. The original animated versions of the films aren’t forgotten by any means and they’re still greatly loved and watched to this day. It’s sad to say, but it makes me feel like Disney is just creating these new films as a money grab – they’re not creating anything new or special.

However, as I just mentioned, there are a couple live-action films that I did enjoy (although certainly not as much as the originals). To name a few, I thought Cinderella (2015) and The Jungle Book (2016) were decently entertaining adaptions of the classics. The problem is, my mind always immediately goes to the animated classics when I feel like rewatching these stories, never the live-action versions. While both of these movies are pretty well executed, they don’t feel inspired and they don’t add anything new to the stories we’re so familiar with. Yes I enjoyed them, but I also don’t think I’ve rewatched them since, simply because I haven’t felt a need to.

And the question is, what kind of fantastical magic does Disney think they can create in these live-action versions of the story? Animations aren’t always easily translated into live-action, and honestly, they’re not meant to be. I think animated movies belong in their own genre; they allow a different kind of creativity and imagination that is free from the constraints of reality. Transforming the movie to make it feel more “real” by adding in relevant modern references and realistic depictions just takes away the charm.

That’s certainly a big reason why these live-action remakes aren’t being well received by the public – when people watch Disney movies, they’re looking to experience magic and wonder. The biggest complaint I see online is that Disney should be focused on producing new movies instead of rehashing the old ones. I have to say I agree because I would love for the studio to turn their focus on developing fresh content. Tell us new stories, give us new characters, and show us new worlds!

What are your thoughts on Disney’s live-action remakes? Do you enjoy them or do you avoid them? I would love for you to share your opinions in the comments below! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂