Now who wouldn’t love a collection of adorable shorts about Baymax? Let’s just say Disney definitely knows their audience (aka me). Streaming exclusively on Disney+, Baymax! is a quick six episode series with each entry running only 7-8 minutes long. In each episode, Baymax meets a different individual in the neighbourhood, and he helps them with whatever health issue they have. The show is overall very sweet and full of heart. It’s a great show to watch with your kids (especially for those who don’t have particularly long attention spans).

Baymax arriving at Kiko's doorstep.

Baymax serves as a completely lovable main protagonist whose innocence and clumsiness is extremely endearing. He was my favourite character from Big Hero 6 (2014) so I knew I had to check out this mini series. I seriously wasn’t disappointed. It’s every bit as cute and precious as I wanted it to be. 

I thought the premise of the show was very clever too. I liked seeing the little portable travel kit that Hiro developed for Baymax, allowing him to quickly travel around town. As the official “healthcare companion” for the neighbourhood, it was fun seeing Baymax interacting with new characters and trying to solve their problems (health related or not!). It opened the door to a lot of fun stories and even the potential for more seasons. 

Baymax carrying Aunt Cassey around while she has a twisted ankle.

Each character you meet in the series is charming in their own way. If I had to name my favourite episode, I’d probably say it was the second one titled “Kiko”. The interactions Kiko had with Baymax were hilarious and they had a great dynamic – I mean, who doesn’t love a sassy grandma character? But it’s safe to say every single episode was the right mix of funny and sweet (this one was just my personal favourite). 

The animations also looked fantastic as usual; I couldn’t see any noticeable differences between these shorts and the movie. It’s always nice seeing Disney or any other animation studio putting the same amount of effort into the animations for the shows as they did with the movies. If I can see the animation being considerably worse for the TV show, I tend to not watch it no matter how much I loved the movie. No problems here though!

Baymax waving outside of a food truck.

As a big Disney fan, I undoubtedly had a great time with this mini series. It’s such a great “feel good” kind of show that, even though it’s targeted for kids, I’d recommend it to anyone. I genuinely laughed out loud a couple times and even “aww’d” too. For me, Baymax! is getting a 7.5/10. If you’ve got a couple minutes to spare, watching this will definitely cheer you up and put you in a good mood. I’m sure Baymax would personally guarantee it. And hey, if you finished the entire series and you’re wanting more, check out the I Am Groot (2022) mini series – it’s just as adorable and fun!