Me Time is a new comedy film starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg that is streaming exclusively on Netflix. I watched this movie because it was another one of those “I guess I’ll give it a shot” kind of moments, but honestly, I regret it. While the beginning showed some potential, exploring the dynamic between a stay-at-home dad and the breadwinning wife, the movie quickly plummeted into chaotic nonsense that was unbearable. To put it bluntly, this movie is not funny. At all. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one (it was just that bad), so let’s just get straight into it.

Sonny and Huck carrying a giant turtle.

The premise of Me Time just felt really uninspired and poorly conceived – strict parent who’s brought back into the wild party life by his old best friend that never grew up? Seen it before. It’s such an overused dynamic and this movie failed to create anything exciting from it. There were just so many generic tropes used that it made the whole movie feel like a bad version of every comedy movie I’d seen before.

My biggest issue? I’ve already mentioned it, but despite being a comedy movie with two very funny actors starring as the lead characters, the movie failed to deliver any laughs from me (which is impressive in its own right). If you understand what I mean when I say trying too hard to be relevant and funny makes things less funny, then you’ll see why I didn’t enjoy this movie.

Sonny and Huck together.

Usually I try to find at least some redeeming qualities in a movie, but for this one, I couldn’t really think of any (I only came up with one). The movie tried to add drama that wasn’t needed, the relationship between Sonny and Huck (Hart and Wahlberg’s characters) didn’t feel all that believable or genuine, and it wasn’t like the acting was outstanding either given the type of movie it is. I guess Seal’s random cameo was kind of cool? But the one thing that I can confidently say I liked about this movie was it’s portrayal of Sonny as a stay-at-home dad. It was nice seeing how he genuinely enjoyed being with his kids and that he was great at it. He wasn’t mopey or depressed, you could really see how much he loved being an active person in his children’s lives. You really only get to see this at the beginning of the movie though so…it’s kind of all downhill from there.

Sonny and Huck holding spices in the kitchen.

I’m just going to cut to the chase. I’m giving Me Time my lowest rating on this blog yet, it’s getting a 3/10. While I did finish the whole movie, it was basically mumbling background noise by the end. Even before I got to the end, I didn’t care what happened to the characters, I didn’t care if the problems got resolved, and I didn’t even care if it was a happy ending or not. I was just glad that it was over so I could write this review. I sincerely did not enjoy this movie one bit, and even if you’re looking for something mindlessly entertaining, I still wouldn’t recommend this one. Trust me when I say you’re not missing out on anything.