Yes, you read that title right. Today I will be reviewing the DreamWorks animated film, Megamind, which stars Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, and Jonah Hill. The reason you may ask? Hanging out with a group of friends on a Saturday evening, we were faced with the difficult task of choosing a movie to put on. Thankfully, we were all saved by my good friend Steven who recommended his childhood favourite, Megamind (Steven, I hope you’re reading this because this one’s for you).

All jokes aside, the movie was pretty decent overall; for most of us, it was our first time watching and I can confidently say we all became invested in the storyline during certain moments. Now was the plot predictable? Well, we did manage to figure out maybe 90% of the plot on our own, but keep in mind we are all in our mid-20s and we’re analyzing a children’s movie here. I did appreciate that DreamWorks tried to create something that felt very weird and unique though, and as a comic book fan, I really enjoyed all the Superman references.

Although this movie came out 12 years ago, there’s one main reason that kept me from watching this all these years: the animation is not very pretty. Look, I’m sorry, but I am definitely the type of person who will judge an animated movie by how nice the art looks. I’m pretty sure my friends and I spent a huge chunk of the movie just gawking at the size of everyone’s foreheads.

Megamind with Roxanne

I think my main issue with this movie was there wasn’t any character that I particularly grew attached to or wanted to root for. While I’m sure the film is designed for the audiences to side with Megamind, I didn’t find him to be a particularly likable protagonist (I can not deny whether this is due to the size of his head 😉 ). I also really did not like Jonah Hill’s character, Hal Stewart, which did you notice looks exactly like Jonah Hill in real life? He was just so incredibly idiotic and ignorant, so I guess they succeeded in creating an obnoxious supervillain.

For a children’s movie, I’d still say it’s a good watch and it’s definitely something a bit different. If you’re not yet ready for your kids to watch a full blown Marvel or DC movie, maybe Megamind can be your alternative. I think it’s certainly got enough action and comedy to keep your kid entertained. Now, does this movie make it onto my list of top 3 DreamWorks animated films? Unfortunately, it does not – but that doesn’t mean I regret finally giving this one a watch. With that being said, I’ll give Megamind a solid 6/10.