Okay, this isn’t so much a review but more of a PSA that Groot is back! And with five new shorts! Marvel has just released Kirsten Lepore’s I Am Groot (2022) exclusively on Disney+. For fans who were desperate to see more of baby Groot before he hit puberty, you are going to be so very pleased. Not to mention that yes, Groot will be voiced by Vin Diesel (man he really got it easy).

Each short is approximately three minutes long and filled with laughs, adorableness, and suprisingly, a little bit of dark humour. I guess you could say I didn’t know I needed these shorts until I watched them. They’re hilariously creative and the CGI looked pretty solid too!

Since these are too short to properly review, I’m just going to give you a ranking of my favourite to least favourite of the series:

  1. The Little Guy
  2. Groot’s Pursuit
  3. Magnum Opus
  4. Groot Takes a Bath
  5. Groot’s First Steps

Now these shorts will take up none of your time, so if you have even a moment to spare, check it out! I swear it’ll put a smile on your face 🙂